31 Post Challenge – Random

I had my second ever migraine yesterday. It didn’t suck nearly as bad as the last one. I rested and texted my mom to see if it really was a migraine, and laid on the couch. My husband cooked dinner. By the grace of God, for some reason I had already cut up all the veggies we needed the day before and even had the recipe sitting out, which I never do. It was so nice to not have to yell too many instructions. It turned out delicious.

I went to Longwood Gardens today for my half day with Jesus. I relate to Him best through nature and worship (and swimming/windsurfing/snowboarding). It was hard to not throw my hands up in the air in the meadow garden and rejoice that if our God is for us, who can stand against us?! And that He’s the Great I Am.

Speaking of the second time for things, which doing a hdwtl at lwood g also was, I ran out of floss for the second time tonight. Whit uses it too, but I think it still counts. Growing up, man, you start worrying about dental health. Did you know that dental plaque is the same plaque that builds up in your arteries and causes heart attacks?? : my anti-notfloss.

I admitted my fear of worrying about the GRE and my application to grad school. I feel like I’ve been studying vocab like crazy, but I’m way behind the schedule I originally set for myself. I haven’t done much research on the application, which isn’t like me, and we don’t have a site visit planned yet. I’ve been focusing on past regrets and even recurrent nightmares about being unprepared, but I will choose to focus on my past successes, to help me depend on the Lord that He will carry me through. Pray for me.

A few more – I almost found Lucy today, but it was the wrong cat and we still didn’t catch her. I need a chiro adjustment like whoa bad, I’m sore everywhere. And the migraine. I’m restarting yoga, it’s been too long. I need to have less blogs to read. I’d like to read yours though. If you’re reading this, blog more! Only eight more weeks til Christmas!

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