Friday Things

I like these things. I also meant to post this last week! Whoops.

Started listening to Christmas music this week! It all started on a nasty, cold, rainy day. Whit and I came home from church, ate lunch while listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas album, and then snuggled on the couch. It was perfect.

tumblr_ndqu2vjHQB1r0kwi6o1_1280SLITTENS!! So strange yet cute.

I ordered my Christmas cards on Monday and got them on Thursday! They weren’t supposed to be delivered until Friday. Reason #135135 why I love Shutterfly. This bodes well for the arrival of Whit’s parents’ Christmas present, which isn’t supposed to arrive until after we see them. Fingers crossed!

My friend’s oddly favorite childhood song.

Which led to the re-watching of my favorite childhood movie, Donald Duck’s Mathmagic Land.


Llama socks.

This. So good.

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