Friday Fails

I have another post coming in a little while, but I wanted to share some other random things from my week first.

So, this week has been okay… not fabulous, but some lows here and there. I’m not complaining, I’ve fortunately held a pretty good attitude throughout the week, but just to share the less glamorous parts of my life, here were some fails from this week.

1. Living in Pennsylvania and having LESS snow than where I used to live in Virginia. I think that even North Carolina might have gotten more snow than us this year. I’m not gonna lie, that ticks me off. I mean, that is not fair, am I right??! We’ve only gotten ONE snow day, and ONE two-hour delay (but yay for our office opening on the same schedule as the school system!).

I barely get summer (it was only hot one day last summer, and the pool doesn’t even open during the week until midway through June, for good reason), and I don’t even get to rub it in other people’s faces that at least I have a couple of feet of beautiful snow during the winter? Come on!! It seems that no matter where I live, I will get less snow than wherever else I’m not living. Sigh.

It makes me feel better that while I haven’t gotten enough snow, at least I haven’t gotten too much. I am humored by this business that a clever Bostonian has imagined.

2. On the Border salsa + Tostitos chips = crack. Try it, you will not be disappointed. The only “low” about this is that out of three jars we started the week with, we now only have one.

images3. Spilled soup – have you ever done it? I hadn’t, until Monday. Our office kitchen has precariously placed the microwave on top of the fridge, which is a terrible place for obvious reasons. I heated up some soup for two minutes – that’s it! – and didn’t think anything of it, because that’s only 30 seconds longer than I normally heat soup for, but when I grabbed it from the microwave it immediately started burning my fingers, so I immediately set it down.

Due to the precarious placement of the microwave, this resulted in soup placement tilted half on the microwave, half on the fridge. I knew the soup must be moved before spilling it, but it was so scalding hot that I didn’t want to touch it long enough to do so. I kept holding the soup, wobbling on the verge of toppling over, trying not to scream at how much my fingers were burning. I couldn’t handle it though, and I had to let go, the soup falling down from its high ledge, hitting me on its way. Fortunately it only landed on my arm and my scarf, all the rest made it to the floor without scarring my whole body. It was SO hot though (how??! It was only heated for two minutes!) and burned my arm badly through my sweater. Suck.

{No picture for you!}/seinfeld reference

4. I decided to try making baguettes, as I found a simple recipe from my French book. I was so excited to try making gluten-free bread, that could possibly be amazing; I even had Whit go out and buy me more gluten-free flour because I didn’t have enough. I wasn’t entirely convinced that the recipe would turn out right since I was using gf flour, but I was naively hopeful. After needlessly kneading the bread for eight minutes (gf dough doesn’t need to be kneaded, because it doesn’t contain any gluten that would need to be stimulated), I unfortunately missed the memo where the inside of the flour box told me that to make yeast bread, you have to add baking powder.

IMG_6444So I cheerily baked the bread, and kept baking it, and so on, until the outside was plenty crisp but the inside was still doughy, and not risen at all. Oh well, it was still edible! My goal is to buy einkorn flour from Jovial Foods* so that next time I can try the baguettes and hopefully they will turn out properly!


5. Whit and I finally got to go skiing/snowboarding last night, after trying to put together a trip for weeks. I had a lot of fun using my new snowboarding, and just getting out on the slopes to practice a bit before hopefully going again this season. The fails from our trip? We had originally planned to go last Friday after work, so we would be on the slopes from about 5-10pm.

Well, first we failed to look up directions before Whit drove twenty minutes home from work to pick me up, so we ended up driving twenty minutes back to work since the directions took us past our office. We lost about an hour through that mistake, because by the time we got back to the office it was close to 5 and we got into rush hour traffic. We finally got on the powder at about 6pm.

IMG_6460Secondly, we made the mistake of assuming the resort was open until 10pm. I didn’t even think about looking up the hours! So Whit and I went down one slope together, then split up and arranged to meet at 8pm to get some dinner from the lodge. The lodge was really nice, with a lot of food choices, two fireplaces, plenty of seating, and a nice view of the slopes. We hung out until about 8:30, and then by the time we went to the bathroom and got suited up again, an announcement came on over the intercom, “Attention Bear Creek guests, we will be closing in 15 minutes…” What?!?! We thought we had a whole hour left, and then we were only able to get one more run in. Arrgh! At least we were able to go down once together.

IMG_6465I actually thought it was fine, because 1) we had only paid $23 each for lift tickets, because we had gotten them at a discount, and 2) I was relieved that I wouldn’t exhaust my leg muscles such that I wouldn’t be able to walk in Puerto Rico next week. So, it was still fun, and it was a good warm-up for hopefully a few more runs this season!

I hope your week fared better than mine! Haha. Though it certainly wasn’t a total loss. Praise God for maintaining a positive attitude!


*By the way, a great win for the week was my order from Jovial Foods arriving 30 hours after I placed the order! Yay!

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