Social Media / Technology Time-Wasters

What social media slash other time wasters are you addicted to? Here is how I spend my time, I’m curious as to how your breakdown compares.


From greatest to least:

Facebook – I waste the most time on Facebook out of anything. I used to really like Facebook, even though it was technically a waste of time, because it was enjoyable, and I was able to stay up-to-date on what was going on in my friends’ lives. Now, Facebook seems to be almost a complete waste of time, for two reasons: 1) Hardly any of my close friends post frequently anymore, and 2) Most of the content on Facebook has changed from being engaged in people’s social lives, to advertising (discounts to a store, or advertising a blog or photography/etsy/other business) or useless articles (whether political, random (like Buzzfeed), or intriguing but completely pointless (This is the Greatest Article in the World – Find Out Why When You Read the Article!).

I wish that I could still connect with people via Facebook, but it seems that most of friends don’t use Facebook for that anymore, so that stinks. I try to stay off of Facebook as much as I can, but somehow it is STILL ADDICTING, even with all the reasons I listed above!!! Pros: I can connect with my older relatives, and see pictures of what my mom is up to even though she lives many states away.

Blogs – I spent the most time on blogs, besides the rabbit trail that Facebook can lead down. I love reading blogs, but if I have too many on my queue then it’s definitely a waste of time rather than enjoyable, because I feel constrained to spend valuable time reading every blog even when I’m very busy, thus not leaving me feeling relaxed. Pros: I feel much more connected to womankind as a whole, and several of my friends who keep up blogs. Plus I learn things every now and then.

Instagram – I look at Instagram several times per day. It’s what I look at as I’m waking up, still lying in bed, in the morning. I also check it once or twice during the afternoon/evening, and maybe again at night if I have time. It’s also my go-to for when I’m bored riding in the car or waiting in a doctor’s office.

I do feel compelled to look at every single picture, starting from the last one I saw, so sometimes that takes a strenuous amount of time. I have to make sure I’m following people who post encouraging or inspiring pictures, whether they are friends who I want to keep in touch with, or popular accounts that I enjoy looking at, so that I have a sustainable amount of images in my feed. Pros: Building friendships. There’s still personal interaction, unlike most of what happens on Facebook now. I make sure to comment whenever I have something to say so that I do build those relationships.

Pinterest – I used to be more addicted to scrolling through my Pinterest feed every day (guilty!), but it’s under control now. I only look at it every now and then (maybe once every week or two?), but that may not hold true over time. During the spring or summer I might get addicted to it again, who knows. I don’t necessarily want to, but I’m not closing that door either. It’s very easy to spend too much time on though (more than the intended use, or purposeful time), so that’s why it’s still high on the list. Pros: Where I find new recipes! And fashion ideas. And if I need a good puppy or island picture, Pinterest never fails me.

Email – I don’t waste much time on email anymore, but I do check it more than necessary. I used to check my email ALL THE TIME in college. Now when I’m at home, I only check it one to three times a night. That’s still a lot, yuck! During the day though, my work email is almost always open, and I check my personal several times per day. It is definitely a time-sucker. Pros: Necessary, productive information. And a positive way to communicate personally with friends or family.

Internet – I don’t waste much time on the internet anymore. When I was in high school is a different story. I think the most time-wasting on the internet that happens is if I click on a link to a website from a blog or Facebook and then go down a rabbit trail, linking to other articles or blogs or whatever it may be. I can also very easily get distracted by using the internet to research WAY more intensely than necessary if I’m learning about something or looking up something. Pros: It’s always there if you’re bored, and it provides knowledge.

TV – We don’t have TV, so by TV here I mean TV shows on DVD. I watch an average of one sitcom episode per day, which isn’t bad. There are definitely nights when I like to waste time by watching several episodes of Friends or New Girl, but they are few and far between. I do enjoy those nights, even though an hour or two can easily go by, when I’m not engaging my brain at all. Not my favorite activity most of the time, because I like to feel more productive than I feel when I watch TV, but like I said, every now and then it is a time waster. Pros: Not using your brain. Laughing (I pretty much exclusively watch comedies).

Computer – I don’t waste much time on the computer anymore, but I do have a few games that I like to play. Banished is great (it’s like a mix between Settlers of Catan and Sim City), and I used to be a Freecell champion… I’d like to get back into that. Overall not too much time is wasted on the computer. However, I can definitely go into a picture black hole, spending hours organizing my photos. That’s productive, but surely a waste of time as well. Pros: You have to seek out time-wasters; they can’t suck you in like Facebook or the Internet can.

Twitter – I don’t use Twitter frequently, but when I do, I use it an unnecessary amount {Cue the Most Interesting Man in the World meme}. I have Twitter specifically to connect with other Phish fans, so I typically only look at it during tour. I don’t have Twitter installed on my phone besides during tour, so that helps. It’s so useless, but I can still easily end up looking at it for fifteen or thirty minutes. Pros: Don’t feel compelled to use it most of the time, not missing out on anything if I don’t look at it, connects me to other Phish people

Goodreads – Goodreads is technically social media, so I will include it on the list. I only look at Goodreads once every week or two, but sometimes I like to spend a decent chunk of time (maybe half an hour?) scrolling through book lists and looking at what other people have read or want to read. It’s not too often that I do that, but it is pretty much a waste of time when I do. Pros: Find new books!!

Phone – I don’t waste hardly any time on my phone looking at anything besides Instagram. The only other apps I check regularly are email and weather. I only look at Pinterest or Bloglovin if I have a specific reason to or am REALLY bored in the car or on the train or something like that. I took Facebook off, which has been GREAT, and just have the messenger. I used to hate that they split the two, but it’s nice because you don’t have to get trapped by the newsfeed in order to communicate directly with people. Pros: Easy to eliminate apps that are time-wasters, good when you’re bored, useful info

Phone Games – I almost never play phone games. About once a year I’ll find a game I like and play it for a few days and then get bored of it. The exception to this rule is the My Muppet Show app, which I obsessively played from July to November of last year. It was fun though, and mostly I didn’t see it as wasting time because I really, really loved playing it – ha! Pros: Fun, get hooked for a little while and then get bored and stop playing

So that’s my breakdown! What social media takes up most of your wasted time? I’d love to hear!

2 thoughts on “Social Media / Technology Time-Wasters

    • sydnijackson says:

      Darn Bloglovin’!! I love it but I hate the way it makes me feel like I need to read every single blog that I signed up for… I try to keep it cleaned up and only have blogs on there that I actually want to read every post of.

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