Ways in Which I Am Like My Cat

Things that are true about my cat which are also true about me

Doesn’t like to be interrupted
Likes to take part of something by observing, but not intruding
Infrequently comments or takes part in conversation
Doesn’t need much, yet has a taste for luxury
Enjoys a good snuggle, on her own terms, with only the approved companion(s)
Takes over the bed at night
Likes to lounge around
Welcomes new people into her home, but recludes to her own space after the appropriated amount of time
Can be spontaneous
Loves sunning
Likes a nice head scratch
Would prefer not to have her hair brushed
Sheds, a lot but not a tremendous amount
Runs into things
Has a lack of balance
Likes to think she is graceful, but is actually pretty clumsy
Will not be taken advantage of
Does not put up with shenanigans or low-brow humor
Loves her tight-knit circle dearly, but prefers not to make that fact well-known

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