Friday Things

I like these things…

It’s Friday! It’s the weekend! Well, actually, this half day of work today will be the most I’ve worked all week.

Monday and Tuesday were off, because I worked a conference this weekend. Monday was enjoyable and relaxing, Tuesday… I woke up unable to move my head to the right side. The first half of the day I was forced to sit and read, which was nice, but then I took a nap, trying to even out the other side of my neck, and it just made matters worse. After a trip to the chiropractor, in which he wasn’t able to move much, I was stuck straining even to keep my head up straight, as it was wont to stay at a diagonal. They don’t call me Z-head for nothing. I was slightly better on Wednesday, but took the day off to rest. Thursday, as it is, is my wife day (in which I tried to keep resting, which I was only mildly successful at), which brings us to Friday, a half day for Good Friday.

Sometimes you just need a week where you only have to do a half-day of work, can I get an amen? I am still just as excited about the weekend as any other time 🙂 More time to blog, edit pictures, read, sit outside, drink tea with my husband…

What are you doing for Easter? We have zero plans, which I am thrilled about. There have been too many plans lately, so it will be nice to not make any.

Here are a few things for your Friday. Enjoy celebrating the Lord’s rescue this weekend!

2013 Shay Cochrane

Most importantly (besides Easter obviously): Phish tour dates were released!


We’re hoping to hit up Merriweather, Philly, and the festival. PSYCHED!

Geniuses’ schedules.

Any Flight of the Conchords fans out there?


90’s fashions. Is everyone in agreement that we’re disappointed girls didn’t actually wear crop tops and mini pleather skirts in high school?? #Sabrina #SweetValleyHigh #Clueless

A fancy cat


And a video that had me laughing out loud the other night. Also the reason Koko (my parent’s puppy) is known as Baby Monkey.

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