Take Action Pledge


Do you want to make a difference? Visit this site to take a pledge to be responsible for products you use and the food you eat.

They say, “Join us in our commitment to increasing transparency around what we put into our bodies. Just say yes, please, to knowing the processes, ingredients, and environmental impact of the products we consume.”

The food industry has a huge effect on the environment. What can you do about?

By being more aware of what companies you buy from, you can make a difference. “Your individual choices about what you buy and put on your plate create the demand for businesses to produce a more responsible product and to give back to the planet that makes it all possible.”

I admit I don’t do all of these all the time, but I want to increase my awareness, and change my actions to change the course of consumerism, even just by one degree.

Will you take the pledge?

I pledge to know my source. I will try to:

Know what goes in my mouth. Not just what it is or how it looks, tastes, and smells but where it is from. The more removed we are from the system, the more cleanup we will have. The younger you are, the more cleanup you’ll have.
Cut the commute. My food’s commute, that is. Food travels more than 1,500 miles before landing on your plate. Fewer transportation emissions means food will be fresher and local farmers will be supported, and the need for processing and refrigeration to reduce spoilage will be less.
Care about labels. Food labels, that is. It is my right to know what I am eating and choose what ingredients I want to digest every day. Most Americans haven’t been told about some of the ingredients that are in the food they eat. So it’s no wonder that an estimated 92 percent of Americans want to label genetically engineered foods.
Vote with my hard-earned dollars. My shopping can be the deciding factor between good practices and bad, between helping communities and individuals—or not. I want to know that my money is helping, not hurting, a community, a family, or a person.

Together let’s change the way food is produced, distributed, and consumed. We can—every time we eat.

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