Friday Things

I like these things

I celebrated 100 posts on this blog with the New York City post on Wednesday! That’s always an exciting landmark 🙂

Animal Things

This is a cute video


062c7b1a11f18dd2509bebaa5cbc1576My friend posted this on Facebook – she came home to her dog lounging in two pillow’s worth of feathers. Yikes!!

11130104_10206408201503760_5620456021172212027_nRandom Things

What?? So unexpected and excellent!84cb9d0a584ae6bd67f04355b0778b95


Tax day was this week…2014-04-14-beartato-taxtime

Phishy Things

The cactus aka Mike Gordon10390214_10152788397016762_8067555508983958598_n

Such a cool picture. Love that I’ve been there now!

10995556_1028719840488628_2109491484675678413_nAgree 100%


Happy Friday!

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