1% for the Planet


Continuing the Love the Earth series, I wanted to highlight an organization that connected businesses and consumers with nonprofits to drive positive change towards the environment. 1% for the Planet is made up of 1200 companies in 48 countries. Each of these companies pledge to give one percent of their sales to more than 3300 nonprofits, which adds up to $100 million+ given back to the blue planet!

The issues supported by this cause include alternative transportation, water, wildlife, and others. I found out about the awesome collective movement through Jack Johnson Music, which is connected to the group. In fact, when you buy the photographic book Going Out is Going In, you receive free music, including some from Jack!

I’ve already made a plug for Jack Johnson in this series, but I’ll say again – I love how this guy actively takes part in his community, and is helping to make huge strides for our planet, and for the future of sustainability. For example, this earth day, Jack encouraged people to plant five vegetables in their school, home, or community gardens as part of the Let’s Move campaign. The social action network Jack started, All at Once, fights for public schools, fights against ocean pollution and waste, and is very active in community service efforts in Hawaii, focusing primarily on reducing plastics and supporting local food systems.


How can you be involved in this huge change? It’s simple: look for the logo when you shop! Some brands included in the pledge are Kleen Kanteen and New Belgium Brewing Co. (which produces Fat Tire beer). Find others here.
If you don’t recognize companies on the list, some other ways you can take part are donating to the nonprofit, buying the book Going Out is Going In (and getting free music with your purchase!), making changes suggested in my Love the Earth series, buying local, non-GMO, and/or organic products, and finding other foundations that are seeking to connect consumers with positive change like 1% for the Planet is doing.

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