Weird Things about Me

That no one knows. And some things that I could use in Never Have I Ever…

I used to try to text my dog. Not actually text her, but in my mind I would think, Oh, I should text this to Lady! And then remember, never mind, she’s a dog. #crazydogperson

I have only mowed the lawn one time in my life. My dad, brother, or mom always did it. Trying hard to not ever have to do it again. 🙂

I don’t like Chinese food. Neither does Whit. I think that’s why we’re married.

One time I dreamt that a banana-dolphin rubbed up against my leg. That’s the only way to describe it.

I never ate a salad as a meal until I became gluten intolerant three years ago. I think that’s why I became gluten intolerant…

I dream about Phish at least once a week. Whoopsies!

I used to do a perfect impression of Garth from Wayne’s World, as “Hey Mr. Donut Head Man, who’s trying to kill you? I don’t know, but they better not!”

I don’t like thinking about textures, it grosses me out. But I have to touch EVERYTHING whenever I go into a store. And I’m always by myself, just creeping around, touching all of the things. I’m pretty sure sales people always watch me to make sure I don’t shoplift.

I don’t like the physical act of speaking. If I had to choose one disability, I would gladly choose to be mute. It would be no loss to me, other than badly singing along to strange music.

When I was in high school, I went through a phase where I would give people the trusty salute instead of a regular ol’ smile or nod as I passed by them.

The end. Later days!

One thought on “Weird Things about Me

  1. Emily S says:

    I don’t know how you don’t like Chinese food! haha, but no, I totally get it. Until I moved to NY and had legit, good Chinese food I wouldn’t eat it either. Now I’m addicted.

    I have never mowed the lawn! Ever! My brother always helped my dad with chores like that, while I helped with the laundry, etc. (Gender roles!? I never even noticed! ha!) Dan and I have yet to live in a place where we’re responsible for our lawn. The day may come yet!


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