Hey February and New Blog Name

Oops I’m a little late saying hi to February… the shortest month of the year. Should have done it a favor and said hello a few days earlier. It’s not too late though, especially since I have this lovely SCStockshop photo to do the trick.

What’s new in February?

You may have noticed the new blog title. I came up with the name months (years?) ago, but never even thought about putting it on the blog. Why? I don’t know, I think I had it pegged as a shop name, and decided when I opened an etsy shop I could name it? I always wanted a catchy blog title but couldn’t come up with the right one. Around the same time, I was hearing SO MUCH about photographers needing to be branded by their own name and image, and since that was the direction I hoped to head in, I kept my blog name the same as my own name.

I am SO HAPPY to finally use the name that I think is perfect for me!! I am somewhat of a hippie, at least I want to be, what with all the tree-hugging and Phish-going and anti-makeuping. But I cannot deny my Southern preppy roots that keep my personal style and general attitude from being too far out there. Bohemian Bright is the perfect mash-up of my personality and style, at least I think so!

I also finally came to the conclusion that I have a lifestyle blog – not a photography blog, not an etsy shop, not a beauty blog or literary or anything else. So what are my long-term goals then? I would love to keep up this blog for a long time, hopefully building a base of friends who can connect with me over general life musings, the occasional pretty picture, travel stories, and whatever else comes up. When I have kids, it would be a dream to blog for an income, so we’ll put that on the dream list. My current career path is to continue on with International Development in some form, but it would be a blast to have some sort of etsy shop on the side, or finally start marketing my photography skills. But since all of those dreams are still on the wish-list, for now I will just keep blogging as I can, and try as much as possible to stay true to myself, and let my personality and the things I love shine.

Also on my dream list would be to pay to host a .com site (why do I still not want to shell out for that?? maybe when I have more followers), and the big wish-list item is to design or have designed for me a colorful, patterned watercolor logo. For now I’ll stick with the easy, freebie picture of myself.

Anyways, THANK YOU for reading this, especially if you’ve come back and keep coming back for more! I love you and appreciate you! ❤

Happy February and semi-new site launch! 😀

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