First Day in Pictures

I really need to update again, but I have had so little time. Man these professors really like to pack a lot into a day! I am a hard worker, but I am not by any means a workaholic. I REALLY like to stop working and have a rest. Tonight that means that my blogging time will cut into my sleeping time, which for you means that you will get pictures instead of words, because pictures are (hopefully) faster.

Let’s go!


Ride to the hotel from the airport
Nice drink upon arrival

Very nice bathroom with a giant tub!


Beautiful clean room


Very large. Can you see how low the bed is?


Patio view from my room (patio is on the 5th floor)


Amazing American breakfast buffet!!!

Excited for my first day!!


Lovely decor


My new best friend. Is it possible to be best friends with a child in another country with whom you’ve never spoken? Okay good. He has the biggest, cutest smile I’ve ever seen.


Smoothies are my “constant”


So are pools


First time I looked at the city (not from a moving car)!


Seems legit

Delish fried rice for lunch

2 thoughts on “First Day in Pictures

  1. Sherri says:

    Love seeing these pics! Your room is so nice, big, and clean! Can’t wait to hear more about everything. I check your blog all the time hahaha


    • sydnijackson says:

      Hahah thanks, I appreciate that 🙂 They have been running me to the ground this week (b/c my professor and his associate are leaving at the end of this week) so I haven’t had much time to post but I am really hoping to have more free time at night to give more frequent updates 😀


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