Villages: Takeo

Every morning and afternoon is spent in a different village. All have similar qualities, but look distinct. Some are more tropical, some are more dry. Some have more children, some are quieter.



It is exhausting going to SO many new places. I am a traveler by heart, but all this moving around wears even me out.




The parts of the day that lift me up are when I get to see smiling children’s faces light up at me when I say in their native language, “Sour sdey!” (hello).



Or when I spy a tan puppy with a black nose bumbling along the ground. I draw him near me with a smooching noise and indulge him in an uncommon head scratch.


I love walking around people’s homes, which it seems you are always welcome to do, even just to find the WC out back. I like looking around at the few belongings all scattered around, and noting the only slight differences in the large wooden table in front of their house.



I am lucky enough to receive a local snack to taste, or even a pineapple cut by the farmer right off the plant.



If there’s ever a dull moment, or several shy children standing curiously by, I know that all I have to do is take out my camera, and point the LCD screen towards them to show them a snap of their gorgeous faces, and I will be treated to giggles and laughter.


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