Peaceful Paradise


Blending and contrast of a range of shades of perfect blues

_MG_9620The Indian ocean teeming with wild sea-life


The only sounds are the breeze, the waves, the crows, and the occasional conversation_MG_9629

Staying in a room a stone’s throw and zero stairs from the ocean_MG_9651

Our shoes haven’t moved from the spot we took them off the first day_MG_9687

The closest city is a three-hour boat ride away_MG_9690

500 people on the island, they all know each other_MG_9691

Touring the whole island takes twenty minutes at a relaxed pace_MG_9696

Staying in the shade to avoid the hottest time of day

Empty cigarette packs and energy drink bottles below the hammocks_MG_9705

Fridays are a day off_MG_9710

No motorized vehicles on the island_MG_9721

Everyone gathering to watch the ferry come and go_MG_9724

Seeing the beach from every direction on the middle of the island

Nightly song and dance performances next door_MG_9732
A boy catching crabs with his bare hands_MG_9764

Children playing on sand bags by the pier_MG_9769

One school for all the children_MG_9776

Meals at the same table each day, prepared just the way and time we wish_MG_9786

Fish isn’t seafood_MG_9804

Two beach chairs just for the two of us

_MG_9833Collecting sparkling white coral off the beach_MG_9834

Wading next to sting rays_MG_9835

Taking our tea out to lounge by the beach in the AM_MG_9845

A billion stars and the galaxy at night_MG_9851


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