Lots of Links

Lots of links for your weekend! (Like what we need is more links…)

This woman’s story is powerful

Animals are just like us 

This video made me laugh

We are born to climb

What a sweet penguin!

What Americans don’t understand about Nordic countries 

This is a bit out of date, but Whit and I loved playing this game this spring

Are you as bothered as I am that every girl on TV has the same hair??

The truth about Johnson & Johnson “baby-friendly’ products (let me know if you want an Arbonne sample – always pure, safe, and beneficial!)

Oh my gosh, I love this Thai commercial 

Melissa Joan Hart on Sabrina 

Haha, Cat album covers

I mapped out my schedule a few days ago and figured out that this is my only completely free weekend ALL semester. Planning to take advantage of that, whatever that will look like. Have a good one!

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