More Weird Things About Me


I am an expert Dog Breed Identifier. If I see a dog, there’s a 95% chance I know what breed it is. Test me sometime.

When I was in high school, my best friend and I realized that our middle names both had “Laine” in them: I’m Blaine and she was Elaine. We decided to try going by our overlapping middle names, so for awhile I was “Layne” and she was “Laine”… or vice versa, I can’t remember. I gave up after a day or two, but she stuck around with Laine for several weeks. It was quite impressive that she got people to call her that for more than a few minutes.

As a kid, I loved water beetles. Me and my brother used to spend lots of time catching them in the creek behind our house.

I’ve only peeled an orange once. I am afraid to eat the white stuff on the inside (I have trouble biting it all the way through??), so I just avoid oranges entirely. Or cut them into easy-to-eat squares (which usually results in losing most of the juice and nutrients, whoops). UPDATE: I recently peeled the second orange of my life. I was horrible at it. When I finally opened it and took a bite, I realized that the previous orange I had peeled, I was never able to eat, because I still couldn’t bite through the white stuff. Thus, I have only really peeled an orange once. #iamweird

I like camping, but only the semi-rustic kind, where you have access to an actual bathroom. The only time I’ve ever truly camped in the woods with just a tent and a fire was in college, and I managed to only pee once the first night. I held it the entire rest of the trip (less than 12 hours) until we got home and I could use a real bathroom!

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