Favorite Fall Candles

Burning scented candles is the hallmark of the holiday season, at least in our family. As soon as it gets the least bit chilly, it’s time to start making our rounds through our holiday candles. In September, practically any kind of candle will do. Just the fact that a candle is lit signifies that the holidays are coming.

fall candlesBella Island Moonlight // Nature’s Wick Pumpkin Nutmeg // Ruffled Feather Pumpkin Spice Latte // Bella Sweet Sangria

Bella Sweet Sangria is my favorite September candle. It’s berry-like and so sweet, but not in an overwhelming way. It makes your whole house smell amazing. Every time I breathe it in I just want to sigh in relaxation. Bonus: the packaging is so cute, you can wash it out after you burn the candle for free home decor!

I found The Ruffled Feather at a market show in Roanoke last month. All of their candles smell amazing, and they’re very affordable. Pumpkin Spice Latte is perfection. It’s the right flavor of pumpkin with an extra cozy edge of coffee scent. They just started an etsy shop, so as soon as I finish burning through this one, I’m going to order a few more! They’re that good! Black Raspberry Vanilla was one of the ones that stood out to me at their stand, so I’ll probably pick that one, as well as maybe Pecan Pie and Nutmeg or another PSL.

Bella Island Moonlight is perfect for year-round. It smells like the inside of an Anthropologie store. You can buy this candle for around $10 at Target – in my opinion, it’s the perfect way to bring Anthro inside your home without paying an arm and a leg! It smells of night-time and soft spices, yet it’s still sweet. The perfect go-to candle.

Every time I walked in the youth room at my church in Pennsylvania, this Nature’s Wick Pumpkin Nutmeg candle scent overwhelmed the room, in the very best way. This candle has a strong scent – there’s no chance you’ll forget that a candle is burning when this thing is lit. This is my absolute favorite pumpkin candle. It’s so classic, and the nutmeg brings out that perfect pumpkin spice smell that’s so delicious. Trust me, if you love pumpkin – buy this candle!!

What are your favorite candles to burn in the fall?



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