Name that Christmas Movie

These are some of my favorite quotes. Can you guess what Christmas movie each is from?

Note: The links have the answers! Don’t click on them unless you’ve already made your guess. 😉

  1. “I’m an idiot.”
    “You’re an idiot!”
  2. Ain’t much better in here, kid!”
  3. “I’ll give ’em a whirl.”
  5. Grandsanta!”
  6. <Singing> “What’s new pussycat? Whoa-oh-oh-oh”
  7. “I remember back when all we had were wood-burning cats.”
  8. Santa? I know him!!”
  9. It came without ribbons, it came without tags. It came without packages, boxes, or bags.”
  10. I’m Mr. Napkinhead!”



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