Our Love Story (Part II)

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Finally the seniors graduated and went off to college, leaving my group of girlfriends without many older guys to pine for. Whit and his friends would come back from college every few months and would spend hours sharing the most unbelievably ridiculous stories from college.

I liked him so much, and was amazed that he still wanted to be friends with me and my other friends! He had so many other cool college people to be friends with!


Whit back left, me second from right

Then it was time for us to decide where to go to college. I had a traumatic college-choosing-experience, filled with angst and tears and decisions, but a light bulb went off when I mentioned Tech to Whit in an online convo.

I told him I afraid of not having any friends there, and he responded slyly, “What about me?”

Ummm, WHAT?!

  1. You want to be my friend?
  2. You want me to go to your college?


I didn’t think he liked me, but I was starting to think he had some interest!!

One time he texted me after he and his roommate set their dorm trash on fire, inside their dorm room (!), and that was another turning point that maybe he liked me. (I NEVER, ever talked on the phone to guys. Even Whit. So the text was a big deal to me.)

He even invited me and a friend up for a college visit (it was honest, I promise!) and offered to be our host.

By the time summer came around, I had decided I would also be attending Tech (not just because of him! but I was happy to know that I had a friend if I went there!). I was feeling like maybe something would happen between us.

We talked online A LOT and the connection between us felt strong. I had a short summer after graduation (June-August) that was going to be packed with travels (3 out-of-the-country trips for 1-2 weeks each).


Whit third from L, me second from right

Late at night before leaving for my family’s trip to the Bahamas, Whit messaged me that he wanted to give me some music to take on my trip.

He was really into this “jam band” Phish, and I was interested in listening to them, but wasn’t sure if I’d like them or not. He knew that I liked classic rock, and suggested this other jam band that was similar, but sounded more like the music I was familiar with.

My parents were already asleep, but he drove over in his mom’s white Jeep (by the way, I was OBSESSED with him driving his family’s red Jeep Wrangler the infrequent times that happened. I drove a Jeep too – not a Wrangler – and thought he was SO HOT driving one!) and brought me a Widespread Panic CD he that burned for me.

I *think* we hugged (VERY awkwardly – Whit was not a good hugger – too much bony elbow – I later had to teach him how to hug ;)), and I left for our trip feeling elated.

While in the Bahamas, I knew I would obsess over what had happened with Whit, and decided to give it over to God, trusting Him with the result and future, so that I wouldn’t just lust after a relationship or guy that may not happen.

Well right after I made that decision, my friend from home messaged me that she had talked with Whit. He told her he liked me and was going to ask me out when I got back.


I walked up and down the beach listening to the music he gave me, wishing I had just gone ahead and asked for Phish since I liked what he gave me, and tried to wait for the next time my family would pay ($15!) for wifi so I could check my Facebook messages.


When I got home, indeed Whit did ask me out.

He took me on a date to Ruby Tuesday at the mall and opened my car door for me. What a gentleman! I told him about jet skiing and the raspberry I got on my knee from the waterslide (the scar is still there), and both of us were too nervous to eat our food.

Even though I liked him SO much, there were a few things holding me back.

Regardless, I had two more big trips to go on and then I was off to college! He told me he was interested in dating me, but because of all my travels and college prep, I would let him know my decision right after I settled in at Tech.

To be continued…

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