Questions: Video Games

This is a series where I ask a question, and you (and I) have to answer it.

Do you like video games? Did you play them as a kid? Are there any that you still play now? What were/are your favorite video games to play?

I know this is normally not something girls talk about, which is why I’m so curious about it!

When I was younger, my all-time favorite computer game was Jill of the Jungle. I was a boss at Super Mario Brothers and Pokemon Snap – I could beat my brother, which was saying something. I liked Zelda and GoldenEye for Nintendo 64, and I eventually got hooked on the Sims (the first edition!). The most embarrassing to admit is that my best friend and I were addicted to playing games to keep our pets alive on Nekopets – in high school!

When I was in college I discovered that you could play Settlers of Catan online. It was the only way to improve my skills so I had some chance of beating Whit! We got a Wii when we got married, and used to play Mariokart or Boom Blocks Bash Party together. I would spend hours playing Harvest Moon by myself – it’s so cute! You’re a little farmer dude who has to take care of animals, plant and harvest a garden, and try to get a girl to fall in love with you.

Since then, Whit has introduced me to a couple of computer games that I love. I rarely play them because I don’t want to get addicted, but it’s a really fun thing to do on a snow day. Banished is like Settlers of Catan mixed with Harvest Moon in the format of Roller Coaster Tycoon. You build a city for your people to live in and try to get them to fish and plant enough food to survive the winter. Civilization is the ultimate for strategy game lovers. If you like Settlers, Dominion, Risk, Seven Wonders, etc., you will LOVE Civ. We played the 5th version. Whit has convinced himself not to play it anymore because he would spend so much time on it!

I’m dying to know – do you like any video games??




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