weirder things about me

Some things that make me strange…


One of my skills is picking up sticks. Honing all of my inner Pocahontas, I can find a pile of branches from the forest to use for firewood in about 30 seconds flat. My husband is highly impressed by this. 8)

I wish that (high-top) chucks would finally go out of style. They don’t look good with anything or on anyone. There, I said it.

I have a specific ranking of bugs in my head. Someone got me to explain it once, and I never thought it was weird until then. Clearly, some bugs are better than others. My list goes something like this: [positive] fireflies, water beetles, bumble bees, butterflies, dragonflies; [neutral] ants, ladybugs, caterpillars, grasshoppers, flies; [negative] cockroaches, spiders, worms, silverfish (the WORST).

I never liked the Beatles. Too many ballads. They’re probably the one actual good band that I can’t appreciate.

My parents figured out that I needed glasses when I was in the fourth grade. I didn’t get any until I was in the seventh. #procrastination

I’ve never worn black nail polish and don’t ever intend to. It seems so goth to me!

I am one of the few females I know who was NEVER a cheerleader. Why is that so rare? Also… I did tumbling gymnastics when I was in high school with cheerleaders, but I don’t think that counts! 🙂







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