wanderlust: italia

Guys, I seriously can’t stop dreaming about Italy. Specifically, Italian locations near the water. I.e. Positano, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Portofino, Capri, the list goes on.

Lake Maggiore via Love Taza

Over the past few weeks, in my spare time, I have scoured The Overseas EscapeVictoria Strader, Tales of Me and the HusbandHither and Thither, and Gal Meets Glam for every possible Italy travel post, and am currently making my way through Love Taza.

Portofino via Gal Meets Glam

I picked up Only in Naples from the library, which only fueled my obsession.

Amalfi via Tales of Me and the Husband

I’ve always been drawn to lusting after islands and beach towns, such as St. John and the Virgin Islands, the rest of the Caribbean, Maldives and Seychelles, etc., but there’s something particular about Italian locations that are just SO DREAMY.

Lake Como via Ckanani

Is it because they always seem sunny and warm?

Positano via The Overseas Escape

Or because there is endless gelato?

via Gray Malin

Are they dreamy because Italians enjoy life so much and come off as being so carefree?

Cinque Terre via Love Taza

Or because the quaint cities are built right into the town – so rustic and yet so upscale?

Positano via Hither and Thither

Am I drawn to them for the bright blue ocean?

Sardinia via Hither and Thither

Or the colorful buildings in the town?

Lake Como via The Overseas Escape

I’ll never know what exactly it is that makes Italian waterfront towns so appealing, but I do know – they’ve moved up to number one on my vacation wish list.

Capri via The Overseas Escape

P.S. Anyone have any other blog recs that I can drool over??? (Note: I prefer to read travel posts that are in the form of a story, rather than “Top 5 Things to See in Cinque Terre!!” style.)

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