paris in the snow



Nothing makes the whole world serene like snow falling quietly, covering everything high and low in one shade of white. I adore hot summer sun and bright shades of blue and green, but there’s nothing quite as peacefully beautiful as a fresh snowfall.

Usually I see snow covering fields, bushes, trees, and suburban houses. For six years I was lucky to see the stone campus of Virginia Tech turned into a snowy Hogwarts wonderland. Snow conjures images of ski slopes, sledding, and Narnia forests.

The setting for the most recent snowfall I experienced stood in contrast to the typical aforementioned nature-y wonderland. Paris in the snow is exquisite. A bustling city that stands tall with the pride of its historic architecture, Paris doesn’t lack in the beauty department. With the addition of a fresh white coat of paint that gently covers everything upon which it lands, Paris becomes unbelievably stunning.

See what I mean…



























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