sunset in the tuileries

If you’ve ever seen a sunset in Paris, then you understand why Monet devoted his entire life to painting the light in this marvelous city.




The way that light reflects from the sea-foam green Seine river to the cream-colored buildings, the way it bounces off pebble paths onto marble statues, is simply dreamy.




Standing on the Pont Alexandre III or Pont Neuf looking onto the water, walking along the Seine next to the forest green art dealer stands, or taking a stroll through the Tuileries gardens outside of the Louvre during sunset hour means you will experience a 360-degree light show all around you._MG_3628


Peaches, creams, lavenders, blush pinks, and deep golds play together as if in a fairy wonderland.




If you ever have the chance to catch this magic in action, you will understand why I think of Parisian sunsets as a dreamland incomparable to any other.




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