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Cabin Weekend: Champagne & Hot Tubs

One thing I kind of stopped doing is blogging tons of photos and details about every little adventure that I have. I didn’t stop because I don’t like sharing, but because I felt like it didn’t really happen unless I shared it. Am I oversharing with this blog post? I don’t know, but I want… Continue reading Cabin Weekend: Champagne & Hot Tubs

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On the Baby Stage and Feeling Left Out

One challenge with being in your twenties is that this stage of life often feels like a checklist. You date, get married, have kids, buy a house. Whenever you aren’t doing those things, or aren’t doing them at the same time as your friends, it’s easy to feel left out. Here’s my experience… Whit and… Continue reading On the Baby Stage and Feeling Left Out

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Our Love Story (Part II)

Catch Part I here… Finally the seniors graduated and went off to college, leaving my group of girlfriends without many older guys to pine for. Whit and his friends would come back from college every few months and would spend hours sharing the most unbelievably ridiculous stories from college. I liked him so much, and… Continue reading Our Love Story (Part II)

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10 Years Ago – Our Love Story (Part I)

I’ve seen a few other people share their love stories lately, so I figured I’d do the same… Ten years ago on Valentine’s Day 2007, Whit and I started dating, “officially,” as boyfriend and girlfriend. But of course our story started well before that… My family decided to switch churches from the “seeker” style we… Continue reading 10 Years Ago – Our Love Story (Part I)