La Clusaz: French Alps Daydream

Do you remember how in nineties movies and books, one of THE coolest things that people did was dress up in swanky snow gear (don't forget the reflective neon googles and a look that says I'm better than you) and spend the day on the slopes? Somehow they always found the perfect mountain vista with … Continue reading La Clusaz: French Alps Daydream

A Guide to All the Normandy D-Day Beaches, Museums, & Memorials

Do you know what my specialty is? RESEARCH. Especially thorough research that's too detailed for anyone's good. This can get out of hand when it comes to trivia about Mike Gordon (Flash Gordon is his cutest cat) or writing a research paper (TOO MANY TABS), but it's actually a pretty great skill when it comes … Continue reading A Guide to All the Normandy D-Day Beaches, Museums, & Memorials

2018 recap

This year certainly had its ups and downs. Having worked in college ministry, being back in grad school, and then being on a college ministry schedule again, I tend to view each year in terms of the school schedule (i.e., September-June) rather than the calendar year. Until now I haven't really reflected on 2018 as … Continue reading 2018 recap