31 Post Challenge – A Taste of Parenting

Whoops, I fell short on this! I’m trying to do the October daily Instagram post thing too (see hashtag fallingforoctober), and I haven’t been keeping up with that too much. But that’s what grace is for! And being a P on the MBTI. Ahh, the freedom of being a P, as Whit refers to it.

Some random thoughts for today…

I babysat my coworker’s kids again last night. Three little boys, ages 5, 2, and 9 months. They are all adorable, especially the baby. They’re a mess trying to go to sleep though! Mostly because the middle guy is sooo hyper, and loves his brothers so much he can’t settle down and force himself to stay in bed.

My previous babysitting adventure with them was a nightmare (although I enjoyed it, it was just kind of insane), with none of the kids sleeping for hourrrs and the middle locking the older one IN his room, twice, while I was trying to stop the baby from crying. Yikes. This time was much better, the oldest and youngest went to sleep easily, and I for-went the stress of trying to keep the middle in his room and figured he would go to sleep more easily if I just let him hang out and watch TV with me for a little while.

This worked, and he would’ve gone to bed okay I think, if his older brother hadn’t woken up from a night terror about two minutes after I put him upstairs. Of course his crying caused the baby to wake up crying, and I had no idea what was going on! I was trying to figure out why they were crying, if anything was wrong, and get them to go back to sleep, when I heard a motorcycle (or chainsaw??) revving in their backyard – right outside the baby’s room!! (Well, one floor below.) Scared and not sure what was going to happen, I went ahead and called their parents since they were supposed to be home fairly soon anyways.

Just a little taste for me of “parenting is not going to be as easy as you think!!” And some hope that I don’t end up having three boys one day. 😉 Just kidding, they are all super sweet and I think that they will be wonderful when they aren’t all under five years old.

Since that story ended up being longer than I expected, I think I’ll put my other random thoughts into tomorrow’s post. Hooray!

PS The motorcyclist lives in the house behind theirs, and it is a four-wheeler. So, thankfully it wasn’t a chainsaw murderer in their backyard!! As every babysitter would fear…

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