31 Post Challenge – Friday Thoughts

I meant to post this yesterday, so let’s just pretend I did.

When I walked past the bedroom window I saw our cat sitting into the windowsill, waiting expectantly. I wasn’t sure why she was hanging out in her daytime spot when she could be sitting close to her dad, who was somewhere inside.

When I walked in I saw the two end tables placed neatly by the patio doors like I had asked him, so it would be easier and faster for me to take them outside and load them in my car to sell. I knew he was tired and his singular goal was to come straight home and take a nap, but he showed his care for me by taking the time and energy to help me.

I found him not on the couch with nary a blanket, but nestled in the sheets and covers of our bed. So that explained why Tela was in the windowsill, waiting for me to come home. She is always nearby one of us, if not both. I thought of how wonderful and cozy it would be to snuggle up next to him, but I didn’t want to wake him, so I let him be.

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