31 Post Challenge

This weekend was very autumn-esque. And rejuvenating. Last week Whit and I had stuff going on every night of the week, which was exhausting, so we planned to do very little during the weekend.

Friday night we watched an insane amount of New Girl. Gosh, I love that show! Nick Miller, man. Nick Miller. Love his humor and facial expressions.

60f12c1ae79fa89bb2ab1fdf7654aabc enhanced-buzz-wide-16894-1410473542-13 nick-miller-and-tran-on-bench-new-girl-300x199

I invited friends from church to go pick pumpkins at the orchard on Saturday. We bundled up and trekked through the mud, and eventually all came back with the perfect pumpkin. Chili was waiting for us in the crockpot when we got home.

IMG_5088IMG_5098 IMG_5093 IMG_5096

Sunday I took a nap, so you could say it was a great day. Also, this best friend:


Happy fall!

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