31 Post Challenge – Strength in Weakness

When I interned at Virginia Tech, I said that my biggest weakness was recruiting. It was the part of my job that I felt I did the most poorly. I didn’t like inviting students to events, challenging them to go on spring break trips, or convincing them to do things.

Now that I’m on staff in the regional office and working with the Global Missions team, one of my responsibilities is to challenge students to go on our summer missions. And I love it!

Two years ago I had the opportunity to hang out with STINTers, and I naturally shared with a few of them other opportunities within Cru, that it would be great for them to come work with us in the regional office. I wasn’t forced to do it, so I didn’t mind it.

This weekend I’m going on my third recruiting weekend of the fall semester. I’ll be talking with college students about our summer mission trips and other missions opportunities that we offer. I’ve already talked with many students from UVA and Liberty, and it’s been so encouraging to see the Lord working through me in those conversations!

I know that recruiting is not a natural strength of mine, nor is talking in general, but when I’ve talked with these young ladies, words have easily flowed out of my mouth, and passion is exuberant in my heart as I meet with them. I know these gifts are a result of the Holy Spirit working in me as I trust the Lord to use me, not of my own strength, but of His.

This morning I had lunch with a sweet freshman who was amazed to hear of the work we do in North Africa. As a missionary kid who grew up in Africa who has a heart for Muslims and a passion for the arts, it sounds like the perfect fit. I can’t wait to see how the Lord works in her life and other students, especially from Liberty, where we are just now making our missions opportunities known.

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