Friday Things

These are things I like

Facebook yard sales. Last week I sold four things, including tables we’ve been trying to get rid of for two years, and picked up $73. So much faster and easier than Craigslist, and I trust the general inquirer more, because they are mostly stay at home moms.

Seeing God work. I’ve been at Liberty University this week meeting with faculty and students to begin a partnership between Cru and Liberty. I’m excited to see where Cru might fit in with what Liberty already has to offer, and how it might fill a gap for online students who want to be connected to a community, people who want to go to winter conference, those with a passion for ministering to other college students, and more.

Catching up on life to-dos. Getting closer to booking a flight to my parents’. Starting a 40-day prayer commitment with the other staff in our region. Hanging out with my cat buddy and road tripping with her and my boss. Ron Bystrom stories. Napping in the middle of the day when I’m exhausted. Being in the mountains again.

Thirty people from Infomercials who can’t do anything right.

Something cute.


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