31 Post Challenge – Fall

I get really excited about the holidays in the fall. Summer is absolutely, hands down, no question my favorite season (shorts! the pool! not being cold! popsicles! grass!), but there’s nothing wrong with fall. In fact, I’ve come to like it more and more the past couple of years. Maybe it has something to do with living up north, as I like to call it (other Pennsylvanians don’t really consider PA to be the north).


I certainly love leaves on the ground, flaming trees, and picking apples, but mostly I love decorating my house and making it cozy enough to want to snuggle-for-days!a8cb4ed308912d4c1cdd6d1942ab89efI thought I wouldn’t like living up north because it would be too cold, but I did think I would enjoy having lots of snow. Well, both have been true. I can’t stand that it takes months and months for summer to fully set in. In Virginia, you get a few tastes here and there of a warm day, a chilly day, back to a hot day. It’s unpredictable. In Pennsylvania, it stays the same temperature every day, for weeks, and then moves up a ten degree range, and so on and so forth. It’s not until early-July that it really feels like summer to me. And this year, we had NO days in the 100’s! Maybe one or two days in the 90’s! (That we were here at least.) Torture, to me. I’m really meant for the island life…d3efddd32f9d14a952ab22d31bd55645Anyways, my fondness for this area is not due to the lack of warmth, but to the abundance of cold. Last year we got so. much. snow!! We were living in an actual winter wonderland!! Seriously, it snowed so many times and so much each time that we didn’t even come close to seeing the ground for all of February and most of March. Craziness.Photo Oct 21, 1 44 26 PMAnd during all of that snow and cold, I got to stay bundled up in blankets on my couch, my kitty under the coffee table, and my hubby in the next room over. Sometimes we’d light a fire in our wood fireplace (and sometimes we’d forget to open the damper and smoke filled our ENTIRE house, setting off all three fire alarms! oopsies). Sometimes I’d make way too many batches of chocolate-drizzled popcorn or Muddy Buddies with double the amount of peanut butter (again, oopsies).

7724b6c6611e77964ed8b556feb6969dSo, fall. We meet again. I wanted you, and then I resisted your coming-on right as you started actually making your first appearance. I accepted you, and now I welcome you! Bring on the holidays!

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