Today, Whit and I have been married for FOUR years!! I’ve kind of been itching to get to this anniversary… it feels like it’s been a long time coming. After our third anni last year, I kept thinking we had been married for four years, not three – felt like we had been married longer than we had.

Whit and Sydni Richmond Wedding Photographer-4674

It feels like we’ve been married FOREVER (as in, when were we ever not married??), but what blows my mind is that just now have we passed the length of time that we dated for. We dated for almost four years before getting married. That was a long time, and we knew each other really well. I’ve been so excited to get to the point where we’ve been married for that long, so we could know each other in the context of marriage for that long.

I looooved dating Whit, kind of didn’t want it to stop, but I knew getting married was a better idea. There were honestly some adjustments that I missed from our dating life (I could tell you about them if we were sitting on your couch tonight), but mostly marriage has been so much better!! It seems so crazy to me that for almost four whole years there were so many things that were off-limits because we weren’t in that covenant relationship yet. Now, nothing is off-limits! We’re free to be who we want to be, make our life how we want it to be.

I have loved every year of marriage, but honestly this last year has been a breeze. THANK YOU JESUS!! The previous year was a whole lot harder, so I’m so thankful that we had a year of rockiness to build maturity and dependence on Jesus to make things easier as we’re in this new place. I know that it’s only a matter of time before we’re on to a new, more challenging season, and I want to treasure these newlywed years as much as possible!

SONY DSCIf you know us, you probably know that we aren’t planning on having kids any time soon. I’m honestly so grateful that God listened to prayers that we would not accidentally get pregnant over the past four years. Last year when we hit three, I finally felt like – okay, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we had a kid right now. Now I’m at the point where I think it could be fun, but it’s still not logical, and Whit still isn’t ready. We have so much to relish right now! Free time, sleeping, saving money for the future. We love our hobbies and aren’t ready to sacrifice them just yet. Some people are more than ready at four years married to have children, but I just wanted to let you know that’s not the case here.

I do think I will continue to be honest about where we’re at with wanting to have kids as long as possible, because I would want others to be able to support us if we had trouble getting pregnant. But since I know that can be a sensitive issue, and since we’ve been married a few years now, I just wanted to calm everyone’s minds in case you were wondering! Which you probably aren’t because like I said, I’m mostly an open book on those sorts of things. Being blunt = strength. We did babysit tonight though, funnily enough. I really, really wanted to babysit the kids of some friends of ours, and one of the dates they needed was our anniversary. I didn’t mind because I thought I could drag Whit into it, to give him some experience. I think he had fun. I mean how could he not have? They are some of my favorite kids in the world!

Anyways, we’re in a good place now. Not too bored, not too busy. Spending time together (though that could improve). Have some of our next life plan determined (a LOT is still up in the air). Mostly we just love each other, and are best friends. I am SO thankful!!


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