Friday Things

I like these thingsFS1_f_improf_418x418This post by Oh Dear Drea that expresses a lot of my thoughts (which I didn’t necessarily know I had) about online connectedness and FOMO. The first two paragraphs are the most relevant – I don’t make money or have tons of readers on my blog, and I haven’t stepped back from Instagram, but I could relate to her thoughts about loving the internet and checking as many things as possible to make sure I stay in touch. Now, I try to only look at Facebook once in the morning and once before bed, and if I find myself scrolling down and down and down out of boredom, or the “need to see it all,” I’ll stop right then and there (most of the time!). I try to comment on people’s posts as much as possible to foster a real connectedness, rather than just seeing and occasionally interacting through “likes.” I haven’t made any internet friends via blogging yet, but I kind of hope to. The one area I have felt very connected to people online is the Phish community. I love my Phish friends I follow and connect with on Twitter, Insta, and Facebook. One day I hope to have my very own, real life Phish friend – who is a girl. Any takers??


Love these guys

Christmas is coming



My dream.

be green

Be green

Zooey Deschanel, and another funny New Girl cast video.

P.S. Another post about meeting online friends in real life.

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