Friday Things

Nope, still not better at blogging these posts on Friday. Which is ironic because I always write them at least a week in advance. Alas. I like these things…

This is good. Time heals no wounds. Jesus heals wounds.


I had a blast in Georgia this past week visiting my parents!! I love them so much, and wish I could see them more often. That little creature is their new baby, Koko the 11-week old Shiba Inu. She’s my favorite.


See why? I adore this girl! In. Love.

Does your husband care what kind of undies you wear? I didn’t know until a few months ago that my husband likes little bows and lace – so surprising to me because I am not very girly! He also ALWAYS refers to them as “panties” even though I (and almost every other woman I know) never call them that.

Bath ritual – doesn’t this sound wonderful? I love baths!

My favorite episode of TV.

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