Finally Sitting Down with Random Thoughts

As titled.

-Life has not slowed down since, oh, February. I want a break, and Christmas – at least – is usually it. Even with all the fun and shenanigans, I enjoy the hustle and bustle and feel refreshed and rested. This year I have literally watched two Christmas movies in TWO sittings a piece because I’ve been too busy to watch one movie in one evening!! Yeesh. Thankfully life is about greater things than finding rest, and the things I am doing this year are important and not having all-the-rest-I-want is okay. I have been looking forward to finding Jesus every day with my Desiring God advent devotional. I love how they point me to the full gospel, and not just Jesus’ birth. It’s all about the big picture.

-Live Nativity Experience. Great way to get into the Christmas spirit and think about what it was really like 2000 years ago.

-I love my parents and wish we lived closer.

-They’re coming here for Christmas. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As are my brother and sister-in-law. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-We’re also going to New York. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-About once a week I think of a quirky/interesting fact about myself that I want to put on my blog. I try to think of other quirky facts to post with it, can’t think of any, and forget the original one. Oy.

-Cats love shiny ornaments.

-Visiting professors went very well yesterday and today. It was worth it, even with the twelve hours of driving by myself in three days! Now just for the rest of the application. SO EXCITED.

-Yay for posting intermittently! I’ll try to be better; however, see number 1 in case of failure.

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