A Christmas Truth

I know, it’s not Christmas anymore. But Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s coming to us in the flesh, and we should reflect on that all year long.

Photo Jan 02, 11 34 10 AM

Desiring God sent me this advent book, because I donated to them a long long time ago. Aren’t they great?? And I’m still working my way through it. #definitelynotholierthanthou

I read Day 17 this morning (see? I told you), which referenced Mark 10:44.

“Whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.”

We typically read that verse and think, I need to be a better servant. That’s what I thought this morning. “Lord, help me to serve my husband better today.”

That’s not bad, but John Piper says that’s missing the point of the verse. Think about it. Who is first among us? The best Christian? The Pope? Paul? David? Nope – Jesus. (Ohh, right!!)

Did you know that the very next verse says this?

“The Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.”

John Piper says this: “What a horrendous mistake it would be if we heard Jesus’ call to be the servant of all in verse 44 as a call to serve him. It is not. It is a call to learn how to be served by him.”

He goes on to say, “Our God does not need our service, nor is he glorified by recruits who want to help him out. Our God is so full and so self-sufficient and so overflowing in power and life and joy that he glorifies himself by serving us. . . . Every time Jesus commands something for us to do, it is his way of telling us how he wants to serve us.”


Sometimes the gospel is truly unbelievable.

Why is it that we always desire to serve God, to do more, to find our worth in works?? The truth I’m leaning into today is that the reason I should seek God in reading, praying, or having a quiet time is not to show Him that I love Him, to impress Him, or to do my duty for the day. The reason I should read my Bible is because I need to be loved by Jesus. He wants to love me, and serve me by showing me His love.

He is truly the greatest!

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