Friday Things

I like these things

Penguin Awareness Day – my favorite is the crested! I’ve seen little blue penguins in their natural habitat in Melbourne! They were so adorable.


Pinterest’s new  “Picked for You” deal. I usually don’t like targeted ads (who does?) but these are so on point!! I love all of the ones they pick for me. Have you noticed it? (PS: Follow me.)

Flowers from my hubs just because – can you believe he cut them and put them in the vase on his own?? They look way better than when I do it too.


Unbelievable sale at Loft – sweaters and Lou & Grey for $15.88, final sale clearance items for $4.88! I got four things for $40! One of them had been $80, and one had been $70. Cuh-razy!!


My slothy, Herbert, was like this when I woke up. IMG_6187

Have a great Friday!

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