Some of My Favorites

When this post is published I’ll be in Puerto Rico! My cousin Scott is getting married – finally! 😉 He is twelve years older than me, which I’ll always remember because he lived with us when he was first getting started in Richmond, and there was a time when he was twice my age – which I thought was so cool because I was twelve and that’s the kind of thing that twelve-year-olds think is cool. Anyways, when his mom passed away a few years ago, he used his inheritance money to buy a restaurant in Richmond (Chiocca’s).

He has spent basically all of his waking hours there, as owning a restaurant is quite time-consuming, but somehow he met Rebecca, and she seems to bring him back down to earth. She seems awesome – I’ve never met her, but I think we’d get along because we have a lot in common; she is a veterinarian and loves games and animals. Since Scott is a close family member, and I wasn’t able to attend my other cousins’ recent weddings (in Texas, Savannah, and a small wedding that not many family were invited to), I decided to save up my personal spending money so I could go to this one.

It works out great because my parents are letting me room with them, so all I had to pay for was the plane ticket. I am BEYOND excited to get out of this ice-land and soak up the sun’s rays, revel in a Caribbean beach, and wear shorts and tank tops. Plus, of course, spend time with my parents and cousins!!

When I get back I’m headed straight to Blacksburg to meet professors and learn more about my program. So, to tide you over, I thought I would post some of my favorite things, in case you feel need some inspiration or feel like exploring the entertainment world. Have a great week and stay warm!


A few of my favorite (time-wasting) websites…

What foreigners were surprised about when they moved to America

Graphs and charts about anything and everything

Sarcastic musings on everyday life occurrences


A few of my favorite youtube videos…

The story of Harry Potter (not really)

Do you want to buy a pet penguin?

 Throwback: I wanna know where the gold at!


A few of my favorite blogs…

A Cup of Jo

Putting Me Together

White House Black Shutters


A few of my favorite bands…

Toubab Krewe

Sugarman 3

Mike Gordon


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