Love the Earth: New Series


April is here! That means spring is *finally* here to stay!

The International Summer Missions Briefing conference was this past weekend, about half an hour from where I live. It actually snowed on Saturday morning, March 28. Whaaa??! It’s been in the forties and fifties the past few days, and let me just say, it has felt like heaven. Well, not really heaven, but it has felt like 70 or 80. Spring in Pennsylvania: Where 53 degrees makes you want to stick your head out of the car window. Anyways…

April is host of one of my favorite national holidays: Earth Day.

I have loved the earth since I was old enough to know what the earth was. I found some papers of mine from kindergarten, when I was already dead-set on loving this planet with all that I had within me. My first love: the rainforest. Hashtag treehugger4life

Since I went through counseling and discovered myself as a yogi, I decided to run full fledged (never written that word before…) forward with making sustainable life choices. Since I love the earth (and rainforest!) so much, shouldn’t I do something about it?? It’s been part of who I am for, well, ever, so I think it’s time to make it part of my life.

So, this month I’ll be writing a series on some of the changes I’ve made towards living greener, some ideas I’d like to incorporate into my life, and some simple tips for how you can love the earth a little more too. I can’t wait! See you then 😉

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