New Series: Questions

I was writing the Liebster Award questions, and I had a realization: I love coming up with questions, and I think I have knack for it. Perks of being the listener friend, and not usually the talkative friend – I end up asking lots and lots of questions. I can’t help it – most of the time, I’d rather hear what’s going on in other people’s lives than talk about myself. {Processing moment: I think it’s because it feels redundant to say what I think and feel out loud, because I already know what I was going to say. Unless I’m verbally processing, which I think is the only way I recognize my feelings.}

Anyways, I used to do those kinds of things all the time in high school and college, and I realize there are so many things I would love to find out about people! So, I thought I’d start a {hopefully weekly} series where I ask a question, and you have to answer it. Okay, okay, you don’t have to answer it, but I would love it if you would! I’ll answer, too, of course, so it can be like we’re having a real-life conversation. {I am going to steal some of the questions from the Liebster Award post, if you don’t mind.}

The first question is: When you were growing up, who was your favorite, non-related-to-you adult? What did you like most about him or her?


I’ll start: My next-door neighbor. He had huskies with bright blue eyes, and a collie. Maybe I only liked his dogs… No, no, he just seemed like an uncle or even a grandfather to me. I only had one grandfather growing up (my mom’s dad died when she was 20), and he lived far away, in Tennessee. I loved my next-door neighbor because he was sweet and kind; he talked to me but not too much, and opened up his home on occasion. He always let us play in his yard, which was probably the fastest way to make you Number 1 Neighbor on our street.

Now, your turn…

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