The Time Garden

Don’t you love that title? It sounds like I’m going to write something amazing and creative and inspiring!

But here’s the deal – I received this book for free from Blogging for Books, in exchange for my honest opinion. “The Time Garden” is an adult coloring book.

9781607749608I know what you’re thinking. That sounds…. creepy, at best.

But after hearing about the concept a few times, I thought it would be pretty fun!

I mean, hey, why not? Groups of girls used to have coloring at get-togethers in college, because it’s fun and relaxing and reminds you of childhood, but now it doesn’t seem so awkward. It’s a real thing.

The problem is, I don’t think it’s gonna work for me.

I like the idea of coloring, but I think it would just take too much time. In reality, I don’t know when the heck I would ever do it! If I’m going to do something not-so-productive, I’d rather do something I already have on my list of fun to-do’s. Coloring isn’t exactly on that list.

I still think it would be a GREAT ADD-distractor for those moments in class or church when I’d love to pay attention, but am just so bored that I’d rather doodle or daydream. Coloring would be so perfect for that – it uses your hands, but doesn’t use your brain, so it would help me focus on what’s being said while staying interested.

But I haven’t gotten up the nerve to bring a coloring book to class or church yet. I admit, I’m afraid of what people would say. My classmates are a pretty sarcastic group, and I’m sure if I explained it to them they would think it’s cool, but I also know I’d get picked on a bit. Which would be cool if I knew it really worked for me and I was really into it, but since I’m not quite there… I don’t know.

Ideally, the book would be a small notebook size, like the size of a Moleskin. I would totally take that to church or school to pull out when I feel like doodling. But for now, it isn’t getting much use.

However! That’s just me! And maybe you’re already into the adult coloring thing, or maybe you would be if you had the opportunity to be. And I think this book would be a great place to start.

The best part about it is that its pages are very thick, so you can use markers and they won’t bleed through. There are a lot of areas to color, but not so many that if you leave some blank it would look awful (you know what I mean).

The story is cute – it’s about a girl who follows around a fairy who lives inside of a clock and makes it run, so she goes to different cities and places. It’s whimsical and dreamy and girly but still adventurous. And there’s not too much of a story, so it doesn’t really matter, but still gives you something to think about.

I think deep down, my coloring book wish list is still topped by Tropical World. I might actually color if I had that one. Or maybe I would just read it over and over again, all black and white still. One with mandalas would be pretty cool because I would love practice coloring them in so I could draw them on my own. #lifegoal.

So anyways, I think I’m done with (cough *never really started* cough) adult coloring. That is, unless you find me a book with palm trees and mandalas and elephants that is the size of a moleskin notebook. But if you’re into that sort of thing, enjoy it!! It seems fun, just maybe not for me 🙂

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