T Minus 2

I haven’t really been keeping y’all updated on my daily life over here, but it has mainly gone like this: work, procrastinate work, do necessary things, look at blogs about Italy. That’s about all.

BUT this week is a big one – I am graduating in 2 days!!!

Well, not officially.

I am walking on Thursday and Friday, but there will not be a diploma inside.

They don’t give graduate students their diploma! Weird, huh? It makes sense because for me and my three classmates who are walking, we still have to finish our theses and defend before we can officially graduate.

There isn’t a lot of rush for students in our department to finish on time. My goal is the end of May, knowing realistically it will be more like mid-June.

Though hopefully all of my committee members will be around so that I can actually defend before we leave town in late June! I have a committee meeting (the first one – I’m a little bit behind) today that was pushed up because one of the professors will be gone for three weeks starting on Wednesday.

So, I will walk and we will celebrate, and then I will go back to working on my thesis.


2 thoughts on “T Minus 2

  1. Emily says:

    Congratulations on almost being finished with school! I didn’t get my diploma at graduation either (undergrad). I had a semester of one science class I had to take at VWCC before I could have mine! ha!


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