Questions: Blogging

This is a series where I ask a question, and you (and I) have to answer it.


Why do you have a blog? What’s the hardest thing for you about blogging?

I have had a blog pretty much since they were created on the internets. I love expressing myself through words, because I’m so much better at writing than through speaking. Writing a blog helps me process my emotions and my life, even if I’m posting about fashion or sharing a bunch of websites that I liked. It feels personal, and like I can incorporate more people into the things that are important to me about my life.

The hardest thing for me has been the switchover from a lot of blogs I follow being a journal of daily life to being a “lifestyle” blog. I really miss reading what my friends did over the weekend, or what color they are thinking of painting the bathroom wall. I like to share that stuff myself (see above paragraph about enjoying having a web diary). But I also like reading inspiring, useful, pretty blogs in which the author lets her personality shine through, because connecting with other women within a decade of my age helps me figure out what kind of adult I want to be and life I want to have. What I’m trying to say is, I have trouble finding the balance between sharing my inner thoughts and the random thoughts that spark in my brain, versus sharing about things that are less personal and that other people can connect to more.

Tell me about your blog! If you don’t have one, why not start one? I love reading about people’s lives!



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