Questions: Music

This is a series where I ask a question, and you (and I) have to answer it.

What kind of music do you listen to?

My favorite band is Phish (duh), and I also love Jack Johnson. I love music that’s really interesting musically – I am not into pop singers or bands that care more about their image than the songs they produce (cough Taylor Swift Beyonce Lady Gaga cough). I prefer stuff that’s really chill to something moody/emotional or really poppy and catchy (though every now and then a really jazzy pop song will do me in). Country and rap are not my thing.

I don’t care for very many songs that have standard love story lyrics. Phish lyrics are the most creative of any band I’ve heard (I used to love Relient K for the same reason), and Jack’s lyrics are really meaningful about the world and daily life. I do like stuff that’s upbeat as opposed to slower songs, which is why I’ve never gotten into indie bands like Mumford & Sons (but I do like Fleet Foxes!).

A good bass line is important to me, which is why I love both jazz and funk – basically anything groovy. The best modern jazzist I know of is Jamie Cullum (Michael Buble, Norah Jones, and Zach Gill are great too), but my favorite is Vince Guaraldi (he has way more than just the Charlie Brown Christmas album!). There are plenty of funk bands, old and new – the New Mastersounds, Eddie Hazel, the Sound Stylistics, and Lefties Soul Connection are some of my favorites.

Two artists that are doing really interesting things with their instruments are Bela Fleck (with the Flecktones or with the Marcus Roberts Trio) and Toubab Krewe. Both have super rhythmically-interesting songs with lots of notes, chill beats, and earthy tones.

Some of my other favorite chill, jammy bands are Dispatch, Mike Gordon, and Donovan Frankenreiter, among many others.

What do you like to listen to?




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