Paris is Always a Good Idea

So, I have some big news…

{source: abby grace photo}

We are moving to France!!

Eight years ago when I learned about the Paris office for our organization, I immediately put it on the top of my “dream staff life” jobs/locations. It sounded like the perfect blend of ministry for me, and it was the one location overseas that I thought Whit might be up for. I have always enjoyed adventure and have desired to live in another country, but Whit needs more structure and stability than most other countries can offer.

A few years ago I read several books about France, and almost everything I learned about the culture seemed to suit Whit’s personality and interests. Around the same time, he started getting into learning about art, which helped to pique his interest. As for me, I wanted to start learning French around age 4, but had to wait until middle school to actually take classes. I love the French language and everything I learn about the culture and country intrigues me more and more.

So, when we were looking at job options and deciding where we should go after I graduate, I snuck Paris into the conversation. To my surprise, Whit said that he would ask about the job there! After he learned more about it, it turned out that it would be a great fit and provide him with experience that would benefit him for future positions. Once we started asking around for advice, everyone said that we should go for it – so we are!

In early September we will move to Paris and begin our life in the Ville Lumiere for the next two years! I will start applying for jobs soon (it’s still a bit early as I won’t be able to start for a few months) – if you know anyone who has connections with an International Development organization, let me know!

I am so excited I can hardly stand it, but at the same time it doesn’t feel real! Neither of us have visited western Europe before, so everything will be new to us! We can’t wait to explore!



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