Friday Things

I like these things…

No links today, sorry. I am still sick, and have been living on water and popsicles* (and sleep) for the past two days, but these pictures are making my day brighter.

MG Bass bombs, swoon! The picture below? Too silly. But somehow it kind of works, don’t you think?


I want to have this many kittens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One day I will breed Shibas and/or Ragdolls. CAN’T WAIT!


Maybe I can have a little shiba buddy who will ride a paddleboard with me??10929226_10153046413391703_6491579539122729659_n

This is true!!!!!! I am astounded. WANT to move there, so badly! I almost have Whit’s birthday planned!! Including the meals, oh yeah. I am sooooooooooo excited!10945526_918759614825187_7803867418625934941_n


Maybe one day another Phish phan will read this blog… if that ends up happening, they will enjoy this picture. If not, I will tell you two things: 1) Mike Gordon’s nickname is Cactus. 2) That’s the only thing this picture has to do with Phish. Funny, right??? 😉10978675_10206221614565263_4601074043071137909_n

I had a wonderful mail day awhile back, and forgot to share it! Alas, better late than never.IMG_6084

I watched this movie last night, and bawled my eyes out. I always forget that it makes me cry at the end. I love, love Marley & Me so much. Can I be them?? Mainly her legs, that puppy, and living in South Florida. Soooo presh.meandme

*Spell check thinks I should capitalize Popsicle. What the heck?!

**All pictures found from “The Internet.” Except for the second to last one, which is mine 🙂

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