Friday Things

I like these things…

I don’t have any links again :/ Haven’t stumbled across anything great lately, I suppose. Sorry about that. I have, however, been binge-watching Friends. In the past two days I’ve gone through almost two discs. Oopsies. It’s been fun – I haven’t had time to just sit in front of the TV in awhile. That’s how you know you don’t have much going on. I love occasional nights like that!

This is funny…



We are going to Nectar’s on Whit’s birthday trip!! This poster is from one of their first concerts 31 years ago – isn’t that crazy!?1978819_10152552505781290_23235445198163125_n

I love this Shiba pup!10981695_10203636269536004_5961644101012529822_n

This is my Shiba pup! Well, my parents’. She is getting bigger and more troublemakerish by the day! She is hopping up on everything since my dad taught her the word “Up” – not sure who is in bigger trouble, the dog or my dad. 😉10994064_10206289720990857_3651140449333302498_n

Oh, I do have a link! Yay! Download this free printable from Pursuit Community when you sign up for their newsletter. SeekDevotionalLockScreen

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