Happy Valentine’s Day!

hooray love

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Today is my and Whit’s EIGHTH anniversary of being together! How crazy is that?! We started dating on February 14, 2007. We had been hanging out all year already, since winter break when we spent a lot of time together at RADIATE and then the Passion conference. We are weird and had decided that we would start dating on Valentine’s Day, that that would be our first official date and the first time we officially called each other boyfriend and girlfriend.


I went to my first class of the day, Statistics, and then met Whit for lunch at Hokie Grill (the place on campus that sells Chic Fil A)… or was it Owens?? I can’t remember. I think Whit would say it was Owens, so that’s probably right. He surprised me with half a dozen white roses, which represent purity, to start our relationship off submitted to the Lord. I thought that was really sweet and thoughtful. Supposedly, my roommate told me that Whit had asked her about coming to my Statistics class to surprise me with the roses, but he ended up not doing it for some reason.


By the end of the day, he picked me up from West AJ and we went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse. What a random choice, looking back! It was a good idea though – I still remember my delicious steak and mashed potatoes! We like to eat well. 🙂 225589_1002573555758_7610_n

Oh also, I remember wanting to give Whit a present for Valentine’s Day, so I had bought a new Bible for him at Barnes & Noble. I knew that he needed a new one, and I bought him the translation that our beloved youth pastor used, NASB (which is really random and no one else uses). I ended up deciding that was a majorly intense gift to give on a first date (though we are unusual people anyways), so I waited to give him the Bible on his birthday a month later. He still uses it – it has been duct taped back together several times! Ha. 383816_2148645046829_216118391_n

The rest of the date was simply magical. I had to go to a concert on campus for an art class, so we went together in Burruss. It was a classical jazz guitarist, and he was great. I leaned onto Whit’s shoulder in his chair and he held my hand. We had specifically been staying away from touching each other before officially dating, so it was so, so fun to get to snuggle up together!! Then we were dumb and went to a cave by ourselves. That was so unsafe, I feel really regretful about that looking back, and am so glad we were okay! Ha. There is a cave off campus that we had been to several times with friends, but obviously it’s a bad idea to trespass – in a pitch black cave – by yourselves! We didn’t go too far in, but we had brought a blanket so we laid next to each other and Whit took full snuggle advantage, as he did much of our dating life! Hahah. He tried to kiss me but I was like, yeah right! And made him stop. Oh my goodness, we were such babies. Weird ones at that. Good thing nothing is ever awkward to us, because a lot of things certainly were! 1910396_1029904679019_78424_n

We were planning to celebrate in the city tonight, but instead we’ll go on our date tomorrow (didn’t make dinner reservations early enough, whoops!). I’m glad because now we’ll get two date nights! Tonight we can snuggle up in front of the fire and watch the snow fall. Hope you have a great night!164714_1527805086218_602168_n



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