The Flower Workshop


Today I have a beautiful book to recommend to you: The Flower Workshop by Ariella Chezar with Julie Michaels.

This gorgeous book is named as such because the inside is filled with page after page of tutorials (50 total) for putting together cut flower arrangements. The author is a skilled floral designer who teaches you to create stunning arrangements in a step-by-step process. She presents all kinds of arrangements, from color-specific and flower-specific vases, to outside-the-box uses like a marigold curtain. I love that the florist behind this book isn’t just crafty; she is a true artist. She puts reason and meaning and passion behind every step she takes in making an arrangement.

I admit that my favorite part of this book is how vibrant the colors are. It’s so pretty to flip through, or even just stare at. The book has been sitting on our coffee table for a few weeks now and the bright flowers on the cover pop off the black background. I don’t honestly love a lot of the arrangements – they just aren’t my style. Instead of popping with bright color, a lot of them seem more moody and, in my opinion, drab and kind of “older” looking instead of being more modern. Even if I may not want to re-create every one of her arrangements, however, I can glean a lot from her tips about choosing flowers and the planning and design process.

This book is great for creating flower arrangements – either to mimic her style and re-create her masterpieces, or just to use her ideas and come up with your own creations – but it’s just as great for using as a decoration to spice up your room for spring.

Do you like creating flower arrangements?


Note: I received this book for free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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